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Update: June 2021

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Dear Reader,

Over the past month, the Amity Program has hosted a baking competition. All proceeds raised in the competition will be used for the art box program. The art box program provides art supplies–to make a project free of charge–to senior citizens with dementia.

This past year, we received many wonderful submissions, which were judged anonymously by an impartial senior member of the Amity Program community.

Please see below the first, second, and third place winners of this year's First Annual Art Box Bake.

The submission in first place is "Pastel Gold," a blue and pink pastel cake with a white chocolate drip and some gold pearl sprinkles made by Serena. The submission in second place is "Rose Apple Tart," a tart made with a design of concentric circles of apples made by Audrey. Finally, the submission in third place is "Flower Cake" made by Jessica.

Thank you to everyone who submitted this year; we look forward to seeing your new submissions next year.

If the art box program piques your interest please look at our site or donate!

See you next month!


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