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Three years of the Amity Program

The Amity Program marks its third anniversary this February. Through its five branches: Pen-pal Program, Telephone Correspondence Program, Card-Making Initiative, Art Box Program, and Books, Board Games, and Bonding, it has been able to gain enthusiastic participation from both high school students and older adults: fulfilling our mission of increasing intergenerational interaction.

To commemorate this anniversary, I will go through the top accomplishments of each year in operation.


I founded the Amity Program as a Pen-Pal Program. Then I expanded programming to include a Telephone Correspondence Program, an Art Box Program, and a Card-Making Initiative.


At the beginning of the year, the Amity Program was officially incorporated and became a tax-exempt organization.


The Student Leadership Division was launched and has designed a new program–Books, Board Games, and Bonding. Books, Board Games, and Bonding is our first in-person intergenerational program.

(check out a recent article written about the program)

Looking forward to 2023:

We hope to increase in-person programming and continue to facilitate intergenerational interaction with existing activities.

Get involved!

Join as a student volunteer or senior participant at the Amity Program, check out for more information on existing programs, and follow @therealamityprogram on Instagram!


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