The Amity Program has four branches to increase intergenerational interaction. The first branch connects students with senior citizens through a pen-pal program. The second branch connects students with senior citizens through a telephone correspondence program. The third branch provides art supplies to senior citizens with a prompt. The fourth branch sends homemade cards to isolated seniors. Our programs increase intergenerational interaction and subsequently reduce senior isolation. The art box program provides an activity that is suitable for those with dementia and can provide a well-deserved break for their care partner. Our card program adds brightness and some personal connection to a senior's life.


The Amity Program facilitates intergenerational interaction which is beneficial to both senior citizens and student participants. Intergenerational interaction is not only empowering and essential to older adults but also important and valuable to the younger generation. The Amity Program increases communication and interpersonal relationship skills. Overall, an intergenerational discourse increases social cohesion and create a more open-minded community.

intergenerational interaction


Our goal is to promote intergenerational interaction.
Participants build a connection with their pen-pal or telephone correspondence partner through the exchange of weekly conversation.
The art box program provides activity and mental stimulation to those who receive art supplies. Learn more about our work by getting in touch with our team today.  
Our card initiative brightens the senior recipients' day and is a fun and simple crafting opportunity.

Assisted Living Communities


With our organization’s mission to reduce senior isolation and increase intergenerational communication in mind, we aspire to connect as many people as possible with our program. If you work with or have a connection to a senior center or assisted living that might be interested please reach out today. Additionally, if you are a corporate organization interesting in collaborating please contact us.

Helping Hands


Your monetary contributions support the art box program, expansion, and marketing. Contributions of art and shipping supplies are accepted. Donating your time is another way to get involved. If you would like to learn more or get involved please contact us.

"I have been able to gain perception from someone of a different age and add understanding to other interactions."



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